Psychology of Eating

Some friends and family suggested I start a blog to document my amazing health and healing journey as I head to graduate school for Holistic Health Studies. I welcome you to join me as I learn and grow! I’m excited to share my experiences and will offer tips on how everyone can apply what I am learning to improve their own lives 🙂


I recently changed my diet to start feeling better not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. I will discuss that more however want to post a new favorite recipe today. I made these for breakfast: easy, filling and oh so yummy!

Bacon Avocado Cups with Balsamic Glaze

Bacon Avocado Cups with Balsamic Glaze (21DSD)  @Primally Inspired

Check out Primally Inspired for the awesome recipe! Follow me on Pinterest to see all my pinned paleo favorites!


This week en theos is putting on a Psychology of Eating Conference with Marc David Aug 5-9 for FREE with daily webinars available on the web for 24 hours. I am listening to Mark Hyman on Functional Medicine.  He talks about how “insulin resistance” and high glycemic foods are major factors in the disease epidemic. Even drinking out of a plastic water bottle increases our insulin! I’ll give you more notes and highlights but check out his website or his book, “The Blood Sugar Solutions Cookbook.” I know it is going to be on my next Amazon book order.


On a side note about water bottles, find a neat glass water bottle by bkr on Sevenly this week and $7 will go towards helping build a clean water well for a community in Ethiopia. Every week there is a new charity and $7,000 goal. Find unique graphic Ts, to beautiful jewelry, to baby blankets, and support the cause!


Thank you everyone who has supported and encouraged me to pursue my passion. I feel so much love in my life and feel blessed for the opportunity to make a difference by helping others come to find wellness and healing in their lives. This blog documenting my own steps to wellness will be my first of many offering 🙂


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